Solar Heat, A Renewable Future:

An increased global population with better life standard leads to higher consumption, so how do we reduce the CO2 impact and at the same time meet the demand? Solar heat is a big part of the climate solving puzzle.

Absolicon T160 is a high efficient solar collector with an efficiency of 76.6% enabling high temperatures. The system is designed to power industrial processes with temperatures up to 160°C. A new collector T200 has been recently launched.

Certification of the Solar Collector

The best concentrated solar collector in the world! Absolicon T160 solar collector has an efficiency of 76.6%, the highest number ever achieved for a small parabolic trough.

Solar Collector Production Line

This is the Absolicon T160 production line, with a capacity to produce one solar collector every 6th minute!

A Sunny Case: Högslätten 2023

Started in 2020, Absolicon and Partners are currently building Sweden’s largest solar field connected to district heating using concentrating solar collectors, Högslätten 2023 Solar Thermal Park. Specifications: capacity 1,5MW; output temperature 73-1200C; delivery 1.000.000 kWh heat/year.


Brewing With The Sun!

There is a way to be prepared for the future with solar heat and be competitive with climate awareness. Solar thermal energy is an ideal energy source for a range of process stages in breweries and beverage production plants, enabling substantial cuts in energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Solar Solutions for Tea Industry

A typical tea industry burns large amount of firewood to produce steam. The firewood mainly comes from huge eucalyptus plantations and the consumption could instead be considerably reduced with solar steam from Absolicon T160 solar collectors.

Solar Thermal Applications in Chemical Industry

Renewable energy is continuously developing and it is now easier to take the step towards a CO2-free industry. About half of the energy needed is heat, and that’s where solar collectors has a great potential.

Solar Heat Applications in Dairy Industry

Hot water and steam is used in the entire production chain in the dairy industry and that‘s the case where solar thermal energy is an ideal energy source.

Case: Multinational Company in Hellas

Solar thermal rooftop installation in Athens. Absolicon T160 collecors are set to deliver heat at 1070C to the reactor line in the production of fabric softener.


Solar Cooling. Keep it cool with the sun!

The heat from the sun increases the demand for cooling at the same time, so why not take advantage of that in a sustainable way?


Only 1% of all water on our planet is accessible freshwater, and the demand is continuously increasing. Places with most need for desalination are often located in dry, sunny coastal areas – perfect conditions for solar thermal desalination!

Heat Batteries

Solar collectors are an excellent way to harness energy in the form of heat that can be stored.

District Heating – History and Future

The way to develop district heating for the future. Solar heating is a big part of the solution.

Mining Industry

More than half of mining operations such as electrowinning and heap leaching require low temperature, below 100°C.

Absolicon solar collector efficiently produces steam up to 160°C, and supports a large fraction of mining heat demand, saving emissions up to 40% of total operating costs.