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Building A Pornstar Website With ModelCentro - Webcam Startup
Building A Pornstar Website With ModelCentro - Webcam Startup
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You can then make custom channel emotes (again, another time sink, or there are a ton of artists out there that can make them for you) and accept subscriptions and bits. Then wake up the next day and do it all over again as long as I wasn’t woken up in the middle of the night because siome stupid assholes thought they could get the drop on us and attack a heavily fortified US Army base. So Bronx and his two idiot friends Jimmy and Chad were walking down the street acting like the assholes they were while Jenni and I kind of hung back and talked. I didn’t need the money but I did need something to occupy myself until I could stop seeing the faces of the brothers I lost or the fathers, brothers, and sons I put down in the line of duty. My phone had been ringing non stop.





Where parents have kids and Free online adult porn they have to sit up at all hours worrying about how to keep them alive or even worse getting forced into their wars by another tyrant riding up to their village grabbing all the able body boys shoving an AK in their hands and feed them the same crock of bullshit they were fed to make them believe they are fighting a just war for a just cause when the truth is even their superiors have no idea why they are still fighting. I’m former US special forces, honorably discharged five years ago after almost eight years of straight service even more if you count the time I spent in military school, ROTC, and young officers training. Be here by O eight hundred hours. After eight long years of Ohh-Ras and Sir Yes Sir’s I was left to my own devices finally! All she knows is she has to stay hidden but that isn't easy when you are left to fend for yourself in a strange town and your face is suddenly all over the news channels and on the front of the papers.





I’ve seen one or two of those guys with their heads blown off with nothing left but the bottom half of their mouth from the neck down. I think about it even now given the unstability of my current gig, but five years ago when they handed me my marching papers I really thought I would try living my life instead of doing what most guys do who can’t unsee the things tht we have seen and just going back over there because they know if they came back they would be haunted by the ghosts of the things they did and they lives they had to take. Plus I’m not going to lie my special tactical training and the operations and missions I completed in the name of this country’s constant battle to preserve our freedom and way of life saw me walk away with a more than healthy pension and bank account because I never stood still long enough to spend any of the money I had earned over the years so it all began to pile up. So after the rigamorrow of them telling me who we were going to watch I went showered and began the pregame over at their place.





When the United States Military offically handed me my discharge papers making me a civilian I was struck with a fear I had never known because what was I going to do now. An old friend of mine who took six bullets for his country and could no longer actively participate in the field was a special recruiter, like the one who came and saw me at military school and brought me into the special forces unit after he saw me go through boot camp after joining the marines out of high school, although I wouldn’t call what I went through high school because believe you me if it was there would never have been The Breakfast Club or American Pie. SO I dabbled in a bit of everything, and well for a kid from Brooklyn that has never known anything outside of a military life style or crime kinda narrowed my options down. Most of my marine buddies would come back on leave, find the first girl that would sleep with them more than two nights in a row, throw a ring on their finger only to get word sent to the tent a year or two down the road that their wife had been banging her high school sweetheart who went to the same gym or some shit!



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